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01、Quality, Excellence & Trustworthiness

Based on our strict quality control, many international brands are already using our packaging.

02、Service When You Need It

From design to production to delivery. Every step we have a professional and mature team to serve you.

03、We Make It Easy to do Business With Us

In the process of cooperation, we will be considerate for customers, and can provide professional and effective advice.

04、How do I get a quote?

We want to accommodate your needs as best as we can! Therefore we offer a few easy ways for you to request a quote from us.

05、How do I place a reorder?

To reorder an order, simply reach out to your Product Specialist from your first time order with us and they will be able to help you with your reorder。

06、How do I determine what size box I need?

To determine the correct box size you need, measure your product left to right (length), front to back (width) and bottom to top (depth). Add 1/8" - 1/4" to each dimension to give a little bit of wiggle room to your product!

07、What types / styles of packaging do you offer?

We offers an extended line of packaging options. Within these packaging lines, we also have an array of styles to serve all concerns and packaging needs you may have.

Here are the lines of packaging we currently offer:  

Folding Carton

  • Corrugated
  • Rigid
  • Bags
  • Displays
  • Inserts
  • Labels & Stickers

08、What folding carton box styles do you offer?

We carry a wide  range of folding carton packaging styles to choose from.Some of our most popular options include:

Straught Tuck End

Reverse Tuck End

Auto many more...

However,if you are not seeing a partticular style that fits your needs,our structural engineering team can custom design a structure base on your needs.Contact us here to get started.

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